World of Tanks 9 download

World of Tanks 9 download
World of Tanks 9


World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Purchase and collect and tanks, and then take them to the battle in the European context.

Catch tankaOsnovnaya game is to capture the flag battle between two teams of tanks. World of Tanks has six class tank in ligswaar tanksand destroyer of the Soviet Union, Germany and the USA. Involved in the fight you get an experience that you can spend on research to improve your tank and get new ones.

Short, srazheniyakogdaVy pristrastyavanetip in battle, there are still a number of tanks on the field. wêreldTanksThe game lasts 15 minutes, if one party to win. The game will last as long as you can survive – no re-spawning tanks in the world. If you destroy your tank, you can exit the game and the other to the other tank. You stillget experience points. helpverlig she will experience frustration that new players when blown up bigger, more experienced tanks!

Seriously igryMir tankoveto good idea, andin the most part is very well done. Nevertheless, the game is very dry and hard, and the interface is scaryombegin with. In the struggle fun, but can irritate the play against stronger players.

Jobs conclusion of the investment of time, World of Tanks is a lot of fun. We hope that the final version of the game is made more accessible to newcomers

What is new, improved graphics, objectsvehicles and funds with HD textures

-New Mode Game: historic battle

World of Tanks 9

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