PES 2014 Pro download free

PES 2014 Pro download free
PES 2014 Pro


PES 2014 square once again, this time without afocus game. A new graphics engine, improved animations and a great atmosphere are the main issues highlightsof.

Leagues, cups, tournaments, and online multiplayer

Pro Evolution Soccer, which already has available for download a patch offers several game modes:

intime was loadingstages gettips shots and movements to do in situaciiespecíficasnun party intermissionthat auseful fail at any time dead!

Menu PES 2014 designisn’t bad, but in terms of usability, it’s definitely a step back from modern and new FIFA 14.

Total freedom of actionin the area

The controls of the game PES 2014 is naisumailalim other major disorders. The main innovation is the technology TrueBall: with improved controlof analog, can prevent or control the ball 360 degrees.TheRezultatot is amazing realism and movement in PES unprecedentedfreedom. This enabledwith improved ball physics, meaningthere is nothing but boring “bowling ball” effectthat combination series for years.

Also improved isthe address arenow more fluid and believable.Ang power, weight and physical strength of the players can affect the outcome or impact of the shouldershoulder strugglesbetween players.

manevriisto so more lóxicoagora, favorsteam game and the speed is slower than in the previous year. Difficultto steal the ball from a player and get it into the net. Now, you need to learn the position players to fieldand thetiming right to occupy gameOFA teammates shots on goal.

He spent 2014 PES changes direction suddenly previous games; instead they are more natural dvizhenja. Krstot calibrated in a more “manual” than before, mentresos impact is more likely, despite some trajectories seem a little direction.

Thegoalkeepers improveas well.They has great animation and some of the amazing saves. The output nilaforhigh ball and crosses are fantastic, although the slowness and lack of reactivity when faced with goalkeeper attacker leaves much to be desired (Y button for joypad Xbox).

Artificial intelligence is edennajgolemhallmark of PES 2014 Oxogadores operated by the movement of CPU Welland appear more unpredictable, team worker andwhen necessary, you can take pictures that leave us speechless. With 6 difficulty levels for a selection of AI.

peroi play well in PES 2014, requires proper tactics for yourteam. The different components are more limited than FIFA, but a great editor compensate this lack, giving you the ability to create a large number of modules.

extraordinary gameclimate

The new engine Fox in PES 2014 is working well. All the details are taken into account, and the physical resemblance of the virtualplayers upangtunay that is wonderful (but only for celebrities, the “not-so-famous,” which is a little rough around the edges). Greate care is taken in the production of each of the levels with great detail and exclusive songs choreographed team foreach.

Despite these improvements, the engine is not yetmature: We noticed occasional drops frame, though it will not harm the game experience. In addition, there are inexplicable lack of rain or niyebe.Hindi dealbreaker but it’scertainly unusual for a game of this caliber.

Another new feature for 2014 is the total absence PESrechisithe “binary”: players can now move freely and frameless standard.

The sound effects are probably the best elements of PES 2014. The public’s field of 12 xogadorno supportingthe team with ceaseless roar, galvanizingevery risky move, sumisipolatopponents theirheroes and encouraging target, especially in the mostfurious contests. In other words, Konami has managed to create neobichnisredini where the player actually emotionally involved.

Dawn of a New Era

Pro Evolution Soccer, this is the beginning of a new era. This release is based entirely on the game: more teams play, players mellorcontrol, pisikaangball revised, realistic and refers to several features that improve the experience game.

So you have finally broken by 2.014 feet of FIFA? In a word – not the EAsimulator ushtekralot, but the difference is really reduced to Konami title and is now a viable alternative.

developerscreate a fun and rewarding, allowing players to toimmerse stadium, which is equal to any other football video game.

Fox engine, even a little immature and hard around the edges, it is essential to revive the franchise. Konami really took a major stepright direction: simulation aspect of the title has improved a lot, a lot of luck to all the purists of the genre.


PES 2014 Pro

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