MyCam 1.1 fast-dl download free

MyCam 1.1 fast-dl download free
MyCam 1.1


MyCam is a simple, standalone application that allows you to take photos and can record video with your webcam.

No matter which brand you use the webcam, MyCam will immediately work with him. The program no special configuration required, in fact required, it does not even need to be installed and is very simple to use.
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Simply download the file with an . PuTTY 0 66 FastDL download free
exe extension, let it connect with the camera and you’re ready to go.

The downside is so simple that MyCam hardly aufweist.Allesconfiguration settings that you can do is choose between JPG and BMP for camera and MPEG or AVI video, in addition to the installation of video quality and frame rate.

Again, if all you want to do is grab a simple web videos and photos without all the bells rings and other applications, it MyCam what you are looking for.

MyCamyavlyaetsya very simple, easy to use no tool that allows you to record video and take pictures to take with your webcam.


MyCam 1.1

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