My Family Tree 6 fast-dl download Activation

My Family Tree 6 fast-dl download +Activation
My Family Tree 6


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Before a small but very powerful application that allows both to create and to import and edit your family tree and leave it in a convenient graphical view and download My Family Tree you can as always on our website, just go naarvol news.

When filling out the information that you can add a photo of a family member, give their name and surname, date of birth and death, if necessary, add review. At the end of the process, you can exportto make a full angito and share vriendenje.

One of the advantages of My Family Tree include support for the use of vizualizaytsii data while scrolling, online support, you can protect your data with a password if you have Windows 7, you can use the touch screen slideshow mode, a family can darvofaylovete be battle nations than to edit, you can add links to research (eg are relative to known or if it refers to a number of documents)you can check how his family moved to the ground using the service Google Earth.

sapangkalahatan, my family tree I easy to found the handling of the program has an attractive interface, with enhanced features, not the money that you need, you only need to install the .NET Framework version, I think the modern system, there will be no his problem.


My Family Tree 6

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