FRAPS 3.5 free download

FRAPS 3.5 free download


Fraps is a tool for PC and video display. Run in the background while you play games, and check the frame rate, ease of gameplay videos and screenshots.

An unregistered version of Fraps can take 30 seconds of video to record with Fraps, and a BMP format for the screen.There’s no full version of the video for the brand, and also for displaying JPG, PNG and TGA format.

Use FrapsPara, just run the application aurretikZure game and game, the frame rate of the screen, great for comparative analysis will the counter starts. And a video screen at once. Screen at the same time,Or several times at a given time, may wish to choose.

Video, you can record sound with, and even with a microphone, so that you can easily create your own grounded walk. Video production lack of size – 3 minutes of video will be about 3GB, more esanahiaAplikazioChange the format. However, Fraps are very light and should not affect the quality of the game that much.

Non-detachable benchmarking, images and video as a Fraps tool is hard to beat. Easy and easy to use, enough options to keep the majority of usersHappy.


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Fixed intermittent cycle stutter recording for some users


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