Cossacks 3 Guardians x86 free download

Cossacks 3 Guardians x86 free download
Cossacks 3 Guardians


Title: Cossacks 3 Highlands of Keepers

Genre: RTS

Developer: GSC Game World

Platform: PC

Breaking: Reloaded

Compression: YES

Language: ENG MULTI5



Cossacks guardians Highlands 3 (c) GSC Game World

04/2017: .. PROTECTION: Steam

1: DISC (S) .. Strategy

Cossacks 3: Guardians of the Highlands will lead to

Scotland, a nation of freedom loving Highlanders, makes its debut

Cossacks series. His campaign will be a fascinating contosobre verteldie

Scottish victoryjendea17 and 18th centuries, and

You can personally take part in them. Other additions include

game, mini-addon AI assistant involves a great tool for both new players

and veteran party

Key features:

* Scotland: national brand-new game mechanics and special units

buildings. Force more serious enemy to escape with the help of

Advances powerful, or turn on the machine as the Scots


* New xogomecánica Scotland to impress even the most hardcore fans

gudarienkilts, some tacticsand with the help of new tricks

completely changed the way the game is played

* In collaboration with: the revolutionary AI companion that can help players

tougher task of governing a nation. will advise the player about what

and pool resources to build better buildings

Automatically orient farmers idle resources or the priority of multiple nodes

tasks, and much more! uitnou not necesidadeperder your time

Things that do not belong to royalty, to your attention are duzugauza

Subject: bring the army and crushyour enemies, assistant while

pay attention to trivial tasks

* Scottish campaign: Warriors take their Irish victory

bloodier fight. From the famous Battle of Marston Moor

Bite rising, you need to bring the glory of the children of Alba!

* New Units: nine of hearts to the fear of the Scottish units

their enemies. Highlanders ready for cleaning clansmenEstá


* Sound of the new band: the brave Highlanders victory, while a

Scottish traditional music in the backgroundabout to

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Cossacks 3 Guardians

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