Cooking Fever download free

Cooking Fever download free
Cooking Fever


Love cooking games like “Cooking Class Sara’s”? Then you have to cook fever. In this adventure, with free basic content and micro-transactions optional, is responsible for the care of the customers of a fast food restaurant (hamburgers, pizzas, tacos). The content is appropriate for all viewers – all children can play and adults.

Choose your destination in the kitchen

in CookingFebre you must “survive” waves of customers for all kinds of fragenVon Fast. hamburgers, sodas, hot as a writer mustyou the steps necessary to every meal and every order For example, a good Burgos cooking prepared program must bread on the plate put away the meat in the pan, so when you’re done (take a long and burned you have to make it away! throw) and put the bread in.

oRitmo and managerial skills of micro is the key to success in the kitchen fever, especially if andstarting behind the guide levels to be overwhelmed by many customers at once. Take a mating season and go to the client and withoutpayment. Be quick and they were so happy they would be likely.

Previously Cooking Fever is your typical cooking game. What is unique about it? Two elements: the progress and management of the institution.

At the end of a round, or a phase of cooking fever can invest your money in the best kitchen appliances. Improve your pan and the meat is cooked before Tupper buy more and save and help more food with their provisions. kiesdie linear progression, you want to improve, one of the curses of thisbreaking games.

seCompletou few rounds, the game will allow you to invest the money to improve the appearance of your restaurant. This component is strategic as it seems, you have to entertain their customers with a better quality of TV and they will not stay longer. Again, it’s part of the game will help you to boiling temperature GefühlWie look directly, and not vice versa!


cocciónFebredaar is a 100% free game, ladies and gentlemen.
Google Chrome Beta 55
The title is optional microtransactions that will help you quicklyimprove your team or to make some progress faster. Cooking Fever can afford without, but often repeated levels enough money to upgrade your equipment. You need a lot of patience.

Cooking Fever has great control was grateful pornos most stressful times. There is nothing that I have, if I hate losing time, because the title does not know that I want to send the order to the customer, for example, in these games.

Fever in an aesthetic level cooking is good and beautiful, even slow charge without colorsaction with older devices. Each interactive element is designed so that it is easy to recognize, find wannSie situadanunha boiling anger, which is the most important.


Cooking Fever We were very surprised, we expect another cooking game and find a title erkenwat is a genre stagnated and became a kind of revolution. Unlike other similar games, the fever cooking is in charge of your strategy and how you want to move forward. We never thought that we would talk about a strategy gamein a kitchen, but Weare sure do not expect to read this recommendation.


Cooking Fever

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