Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4 32-Bit Free Download

Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4 32-Bit Free Download
Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4


Apache OpenOffice is an office suite that is powerful and reliable alternative to Microsoft Office. And most importantly, it’s free.


Apache OpenOffice includes a word processor (think Word), spreadsheet (Excel), presentation tool (such as PowerPoint) to create a databasepodatakaeditor (access) drawing (color), and the formula editor.

siteKomponenti of Apache OpenOffice offers a wide range of tools enopsies. The program is fully compatible with any format.

A well-designed interface

One of the drawbacks initially OpenOffice interface kojitis less developed than other business suites. But now the interface has more than one agreement with Microsoft Office, with beautiful icons and menus.

Nana home screen, you can access the six main applications: Writer, Calc, impressed, drawing, database and mathematics. menus organizedisgoedi provide quick access to what option or document to be.

If you are an average user, OpenOffice more than create your needs and edit documents. But one of the most important aspects of OpenOffice is the ability to add new templates and extensions, which značida each programamozheto suit your needs.

superior quality alternative

OpenOffice is a complete office suite, and his wild gereeldebivoeging guarantees a wide range of plug-ins and templates. Great choice.

Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4

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