Adblock Plus for Firefox 2 Download

Adblock Plus for Firefox 2 Download
Adblock Plus for Firefox 2


Adblock Plus is a Firefox add-on that allows you to block ads appear on web pages.

If Firefox Adblock Plus is a small program, sensible sitting in the upper right corner of your navigation bar. Clicking on the icon red, a list of blockable items on the page appear as a drop-down list of additional features and configuration options.

dusAdblock Plus function properly, you need to choose a filter Adblock. Detailed instructions for cyfoethogddewis exercise on the program website,so not to worry too much. If you prefer not to log on the list, you can choose the ads themselves.

Adblock Plus works by identifying the advertising on a web page and prevent it altogether. Plus there datAdblock risk may inadvertently something that does not really advertise, but in our tests it did not block.

Even if a legitimate aim Adblock blockiertEin Plus, the site provides information on what to make- indeed, it provides information on virtually every aspect of theprogram.

Looking on the Internet without ads is a very strange experience – you konzelfs even think some of your favorite pages look a little empty!

fancy surfing ad-free? Adblock Plus is definitely there for you.


Brazilian translation added again.

Slightly decreased delay when new browser windows are opened.

Fixed: Tabs Forces memory leaks in Java and opFlash rhaiclefydau rare.

Fixed: When images are highlighted in the list of blockable itemsflashing border is not visible.

offers Wrong dissolved in the filter composer ($ object selection filter subrequest wrong).

Fixed: Adverse effects on the size of the list of items blockable ALSIS install an extension like Vertical Tabs (bug 23890).

Fixed: Filter statistics do not be put back into Firefox 4 browser history when the browser shutdown (Forum) eliminated.

Fixed: A list of blockable items and context menu working properly in Firefox and SeaMonkey (Bug 23890).

Fixed: Textfalse tooltip appears for cross button next to “Recommend us on Facebook”.

Adblock Plus for Firefox 2

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